Alfresco Services

Over the past 6 years, I have partnered with companies in the telecommunication and banking sector to streamline their Alfresco IT infrastructure and provide them with on-going support for any issues or data migration needs. My technical know-how and practical experience provide me with an extensive overview of Alfresco that, in turn, helps me address any problems, concerns or weak points you may struggle with.

Alfresco Challenges

My decade of experience in the field has helped me develop a unique perspective on Alfresco ECM. Thus, I am familiar with the challenges most users commonly face and can provide you with a custom-tailored solution:

Improve Alfresco performance
Improve Alfresco performance

Resolve slow response times when storing, retrieving or searching for documents.

Select the right data model
Select the right data model

Alfresco’s general data model is flexible but also challenging for more users. A custom-designed data model will keep your performance high while diminishing redundancy issues and be easily integrated with Alfresco.

DB optimization
DB optimization

To help you improve your DB server load and speed up your document queries, the DB optimization is key.

What can I do
for your business?

Alfresco - Development / Support / Consultations

The Alfresco development, support, and consultancy service aims to resolve any issues with the Alfresco solution you may have and improve the stability of your existing Alfresco infrastructure. Depending on your needs and budget, I offer on-site, remote or mixed support for the Community and Enterprise version of the tool, including regular monitoring, reports, troubleshooting, assistance with implementing changes and integration, digital signatures and metadata processing.

With my meticulous attention to detail, expertise and on-going support, you can be certain your Alfresco solution will work for you.

Analyze and design DMS project

As an IT consultant, I strive to offer my clients the best solutions, custom tailored to their unique needs and business goals. I will analyze your current document management project requirements, and design and propose an effective solution for your business.

Document migrations from/to Alfresco

Alfresco is designed to increase your productive use of your documentation. If you’re new to Alfresco, you might need extra help migrating your documents and files to make full use of Alfresco’s functionality. I offer premier and budget-friendly document migration services to and from Alfresco ECM, including preparation, migration tools, testing, and on-going support throughout the process.

How to get started?

Simply fill in your project brief or get in touch to let me know the type of candidate you’re looking for.